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The Freeride Republic chalet host Bonita

Born in South Africa in 1993 I went to school at High School Monument where I started my career in cooking at high school at a very early age. I then later went and studied cheffing at the Institute of Culinary arts based in Stellenbosch and started my career working in all kinds of restaurants all around Cape Town. I have experience in a lot of aspects of food such as catering, bistro, fine dining, health food and dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal.

I want to pursue my career in trying out a ski season, but my main goal and reason for coming and working at the chalet as a sous chef is to expose myself to more cuisines work with local produce and to build myself as a chef to think fast on my feet, outside of the box, represent myself through my food and to learn from others.I am a very energetic person who loves the outdoors, surfing, hiking, going on horse rides. I’m all about eating healthy and making sure my body gets all the nutrients it needs, same apply when cooking for guests and like foraging for the freshest products possible.

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